Hybrid Website Architecture

Hybrid website architectures offer the passive income entrepreneurs three things. One, a great platform for high search volume niches, two, a structure to expand the 5 pages of gold and product grid, and three, the ability to trouble shoot those websites with additional content that is highly effective in meeting the needs your visitors- a very powerful tool for webmasters.

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Website Checkpoint

5 Golden Pages and the Product Grid are the building blocks of any website. Use one block to test the market, a niche site, use several more to build an authority site. Use a checkpoint and check list to survey the current structure to ensure maximum ROI. The ultimate goal is to serve the community of people within a niche.

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The Product Grid

A simple website structure to implement is the product grid. Visitors love it and so do search engines. The architecture is naturally flat enhancing navigation. At most your products should be two clicks away from the home page. The structure is easy to implement and maximizes ROI. It is one of the simplest architectures for webmasters to implement.

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