WordPress Categories, Tags and Duplicate Content

Are duplicate post created using WordPress categories and tags? That’s not an easy question to answer. Researching this question on the Internet just leaves you more confused with a lot of erroneous information. That’s bull, not money! Worst, this question can cost you big bucks. Effective use of categories and tags can help increase your search engine rankings by 30%.

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Niche Survey and Backlinking with SEOquake

Finding niches can be fun and exciting. SEOquake displays the page rank in Google’s SERPs and the competition’s link profile on their pages. You can quickly investigate niche and article keyword opportunities efficiently saving you both time and money. Using this method Increases your instinct for niche detection and leaves you with positive feelings for success.

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Monitor Size, Screen Resolution and Your WordPress Theme

The major players are building HD, media rich and highly relevant websites to service their visitors. The writing is on the wall and we need to take action to get the advantage. As a wise man once said, “The early bird gets the worm.” Discourage entry into your niche market by the competition with a high impact website. Take action today!

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How to Save Money Fast!

Is it Bull or is it Money... Passive Income Ideas!