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The Internet is connecting communities of all sizes across the globe. Google in 2018 created $335 billion in economic activity for millions of businesses, website publishers and nonprofits in the US. To increase your business each year with steady growth, it’s important to be in the sponsored results. 64.6% of clicks go to high commercial intent keyword searches. Done properly, with the right setup, the right market and right levels of budget, you can make money with ads. Fairly quickly, and it’s consistent. It’s predictable.

Now that you know that Google Ads is a great place to be, a couple of notes of caution. It’s not for amateurs. Get it wrong and you will pay over 100% more than your competition for every click. That can really hurt your business. It can make it really hard to get caught up. A bad experience with Google Ads today, makes it harder to get to a level playing field tomorrow. So if you’re not fully committed to being fully immersed in Google Ads, then think carefully. You will definitely be losing out to your competition for those taking it more seriously than you are.

The PPC Smart Business Group is here to help business owners understand the concept of Pay Per Click Advertising. $335 billion in economic activity is not a trivial number. We are here to answer any questions you may have.