Google Ads Onboarding

Client Information

Service / Product Information

Capture below. Be as detailed as possible with the different types of services/products that you want to promote with Google Ads.
E.G. Free consultation, 50% off first order, $99 special offer until end of March.
This is important so that we can differentiate ourselves in ad and landing page copy to drive more conversions.

Google Ads Setup Information

We can target cities, states, countries, radiuses. Be as detailed as possible.
It’s important to think about when the phone is answered, emails are answered etc.

Landing Page Setup Informations

Client Content Links

We will pull content from existing sources to create our PPC landing page. Drop the useful links below
Provide as much detail as possible about the offer and messaging to be promoted on the new PPC landing page
Our landing pages are hosted on unbounce but can be pointed at via a simple CNAME record setup. A subdomain replaces the need for us to change anything on the clients website.
Tracking Checklist