The overall market research to successful Google Ads campaigns demonstrates a company’s ability to comprehensively bid on a wide range of keywords which are directly related to their services. For example, if you run a beauty salon and your services are haircuts, permanents, color, acrylic nails, and facials, bidding on those keywords create a keyword universe related to your services. That is a comprehensive keyword universe. Conversely, not bidding on those keywords for sponsored results can leave a salon showing only for an intersection of that universe, i.e. haircuts.

This is what is demonstrated in the attached Venn diagram and the keyword universe also known as a universal set. The blue company knows the importance of setting up their website to reflect the services of their company. And the importance of bidding on keywords that are comprehensive to their services. The red and blue company’s only have basic websites and rank for a few of the keywords within the keyword universe. In translation, that means they show in the search results for haircuts for example, not showing for permanents, color, acrylic nails, and facials. Customers will only see the competitor in search results leaving them blind to the other red and green company.

If you are a restoration, counselor, coach, HVAC, or auto glass company, this is devastating as only your competitor will show in search results. Customers may never know your services and company even exist. They will have to find you by other means. With the popularity of the cell phone and search, chances will be slim. 64.6% of all clicks in search go to commercial intent keywords. 35.4% go to organic unpaid results. Not showing in search for your keyword universe is always 0%.

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