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Offering: Pre-IPO Bridge SAFE Note

Total Amount: Up to $5M ($50k min per person)

Discount: 25% discount to public offering

Exchange: Nasdaq

Timing: approx. 6-8 months

The company owns and operates a handful of companies, primarily in the B2B SaaS sector.

The founder, has successfully built and sold SaaS companies over a 25 year history, having been recognized by the INC5000 and Deloitte Fast 500 for rapid growth.

The company is focused on creating operating efficiencies and rapid revenue growth through tech-enablement it’s unique ‘shared resources’ model. Companies share an seasoned operating team, allowing founder to focus on great product and revenue growth.

The consolidated group of companies does about $25M in revenue, and $4M in profit (for 2023). The company expects approx. 30% YoY growth for the next 3 years, while staying profitable.

The company is going public to raise capital, as well as create a acquisition-friendly structure to pull SaaS companies in that are synergistic with the portfolio. The target will be companies doing $5-10m per year in recurring revenue.

The bridge raised will help the company with expenses related to going public, retire debt, as well as completing some acquisitions that are pending.

Not all of the companies in the portfolio will be part of the IPO. Some will be sold off. These include projects in:

Restaurant management tools (employee scheduling, inventory, financial analysis)
SMS based Health & wellness CRM (w/ fully issued patent)
Automotive dealer-to-dealer platform

If you are interested in buying one of these companies, or investing in the SAFE Note, please contact Johnnie.

*Note: company name withheld until NDA is signed by interested investor.