Omni-Channel PPC maintains the flavor of Omnichannel Commerce in each and every way. An Omni approach is a multichannel approach for a seamless customer experience across mobile devices, laptops and brick-and-mortar. That’s important in today’s digital world. Supporting anything a company does in the physical space that carries to the digital space.

HVAC Companies are feeling the heat as competition intensifies. Local markets are like fish in a barrel more than casting your net into the ocean. That’s because digital marketing increased massively in 2015 with mobile phones as the new go to for services from apps and search. This left neighborhood coupon pages and newspapers in the dark ages of the 21st century.

73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey. Yet PPC only showed in Google Ad, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads being the most popular channels for service industry. HVAC is $25 to $45 CPC and $100 to $175 CPA. Yet smart HVAC Companies would stay top of the search engine since 63% of buyer keywords are clicked on via ads.

This is a frustrating situation since the majority of customers are Omnichannel Customers and are avid users of service industry touchpoints both in the brick-and-mortar world and the digital world; and thus the advent of Omni-Channel PPC. A perfect fit. Potential customers will always visit your website if you hand them a card, pamphlet or come across your Facebook page. They have raised their hand and said their interested and Omni-Channel PPC will retarget display ads across a customer’s entire search portfolio. Omni-Channel PPC ads are the highest yielding least expensive ads which can lower your cost per lead by as much as 89% while increasing leads by as much as 40%.

Omni-Channel PPC Group for HVAC is about marketing HVAC Companies via Omnichannel, balancing an advertising portfolio to make advertising effective and less expensive.

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Thank you so much, Johnnie