Omni-Channel PPC revolves around your customer by displaying ads across their entire search portfolio. It differs from Multichannel where advertising revolves around your product engaging customers when they shop. Each is an independent silos existing as a separate opportunity to engage with your company. Channels are often maximized for sales. Channels for HVAC include website,, BBB, Facebook, and Google PPC for example.

Omni-Channel PPC truly is as unique as a customer’s search portfolio. If the customer by profession is a doctor, time will be spent on websites such as Facebook, MAYO CLINIC, CNN, and GOLF. A professional model may spend time on Cosmopolitan, WebMD, YouTube and Instagram. It’s immersive putting the customer at the core with your company’s message. In contrast with Multichannel, the customer would have to be in the channel to view service and product offerings.

This is where the fun begins with touchpoints. Omni-Channel PPC can follow up to 20,000 customers in your market place per month for 18 months on some platforms at the time of this article’s publication. Ads keep your company top of mind at any individual state of a customer’s lifecycle. “The distinctions between channels—onsite, social, mobile, email, physical, and instant messaging—disappear as a single view of the customer as well as a single experience of commerce emerges (Winkler, 2019).”

A customer can only enter into the Omni-Channel PPC marketing system if they visit your HVAC website. They may have been driven to the site via Google PPC, handouts at a networking event, a County Fair Booth, TV or Radio. In that case, this would be your second touch point. If they have found you via research, then that would be their first touchpoint. We know that the conversion rate of a customer is about 3%. Which in turn means 97% did not convert. 3% is a very expensive advertising proposition that most business owners don’t see under the architecture of their marketing mix.

Once customers see your ads across their entire search portfolio and in their social media, you build authority and trust as the go-to HVAC company in your industry. The necessary touchpoints to guarantee prospecting success is eight (Hoffman, 2019). The Omni-Channel PPC program will give the extra touchpoints to the 97% of customers leaving the funnel to increase conversions over time. The system allows HVAC companies to stay top of mind with the customer.

Many customers are not ready to convert at the time they research HVAC companies for service. They may be planning a swamp cooler conversion closer to summer since the heat has not set in yet and money can be kept in reserve. In time heat will overcome the desire to keep money in reserve and a HVAC company will be called for the conversion. Statistics prove that if you stay top of mind using the Omni-Channel PPC marketing, customers’ will convert 70% to your company over your competitor. Simply due to the fact you stayed in front of the customer until the buy decision was made.

That is the key to taking your company to the next level expanding your customer base. Omni-Channel PPC reduces the cost per lead and per conversion. Taking out advertising and getting 3% each time a venture ensues and ends, is very expensive since each is an independent silos and an independent opportunity to engage with your services. Reducing the cost of advertising across your portfolio is next week’s topic. See you then.

Thank you so much,
Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr.

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