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Simple Rule of Thumb – Buyers Click on Ads

People click on ads in Google Search. You may say I don’t click on ads; however individuals looking to purchase something do. 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches go to sponsored results. 35.4% of clicks are from organic unpaid results. This is where the battleground is for where people click. Googles layout is moving more and more to favor ad display and it will only continue to follow in that trend over the next few years. In contrast, people browsing tend to click on organic results more from curiosity not to purchase.

Google Ads is Profitable

Done properly, with the right setup, the right market and right levels of budget, you can make money with ads. Fairly quickly, and it’s consistent. It’s predictable. People are people and will behave the same from day to day. If you can get 5% of the people to buy from your website today, there is a predictable pattern that another 5% tomorrow will buy. This makes your Google Ads campaign a business asset that you can build on.

A Google Ads Campaign is a Business Asset

Once you have a Google Ads Campaign developed, it will continue to deliver and you have created a real business asset. If your competitors do not have a Google Ads campaign, it will take them time to learn and build one. This gives you a real advantage in your market. And it works very quickly for you. A campaign can be built tomorrow and have it live the same day. Think of any other advertising medium where that is true. That is not done in Radio, TV, or any Newspapers. You can be running and testing your Google Ads campaign almost immediately.

Google Has No Ads Contract

There is no minimum spend with Google Ads. However our agency would like to see a consistent spend to really fine tune your campaigns. It’s a formula that works and is proven time and time again. Large TV and Radio agencies and even agencies such as Yelp have long term contracts, but not Google. From a business perspective you should commit to a minimum spend so you can test properly your keywords and campaigns.

We as an agency will guide you that the ads spend are appropriate, right for the market and that it’s going to deliver the results you expect and deserve.

Campaigns Have Measurable Results

All online forms, phone calls, and results are measurable. There is no other medium where you can measure so accurately all the activity in a campaign from impressions to results. You can make good decisions very quickly and accurately. These are quantifiable, measurable results.

Google Ads Can Be Very Inexpensive

A Google Ads Partner is very inexpensive compared to in house employees. And there are several reasons this is true. If we pay a wage for just one Digital Marketing Employee at $5,416 a month or $65,000 a year, that’s 38% more than the cost of our highest management tier before a custom quote is given. That’s just one employee, with no support staff. The savings of a Google Ads Management Service is enormous.

There are many more saving factors to a Google Ads Management Service. On the average, in our Google Ads Audits, we find 22% waste in ad spend. If you have a $5,000 ad spend, you are losing $1,100 each month or $13,000 a year. That is 20% of what is paid a Digital Marketing Employee. A $5,000 ad spend is modest for a medium to large company and is usually much greater.

For nonprofit organizations, the situation is much worse. If you are a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 to 40,000 of in-Kind advertising each month. At 22% waste, that’s $2,200 to $8,800 in lost ad spend. However, the percentages can be much higher. Google Ads is not for the novice or the average college intern. You may end up losing your entire grant to inefficiency and lack of Google Ads knowledge.

That is simply due to having a single Certified Google Ads technician or a small group of employees taking action on your campaigns. They simply don’t have the experience and training a dedicated management service has. That is all our Google Ads Partners do day-in and day-out. Test and adjust campaigns for optimization and passing the savings down to you. That’s our business.

In terms of ad spend, not every market in Google Ads is cheap. Some ad spend is, but others are in context to the customer base. You may spend $10 per click, but compare that to a newspaper ad, or Radio where there is a long term commitment in a contract. It can be very inexpensive to bring in quality visitors to your website with the intent to purchase using Ads.

SEO Optimization

In past days gone by, Google provided you with lots of information on keywords. Google Analytics used to tell you which keywords were bringing you traffic. Not anymore. Google has taken that away from you. When you’re in Google Ads, you can effectively get that back. It’s a secondary benefit from your ad campaign.

If you know a keyword that is getting you traffic, then you can use it in your organic SEO. It is essential to have that in your SEO efforts. Without it, you’re working blind. Paying for SEO is a waste. You’re making a guess at what works, which can lead you further down the rankings.

Having a Google Ads Campaign is a really good secondary value. When you have a dialed in campaign, you can reuse the data and optimize your SEO. If Google Ads is getting 65% of the clicks, then go for the other 35% of the organic clicks that you want.

You can also use it to A/B split test your website. Send 50% of your visitors to version page A and the other 50% of visitors to version page B, all using Google Ads Tracking Codes and testing methods. See which one resonates with your customers and converts better. Which one makes more phone calls and inquiries? Now you know what language to use and make improvements and apply it across your business.

Google Ads is Huge

Google Ads in a said market is large. In many spaces there are only a few times where the advertiser has run out of capacity. In most markets, the capacity is bigger that the budget. So you can always expand, which is great, because if you’re profitable, you can build on that and increase your leads and conversions.

Every search is a potential sale. Every time a user types in Google Search for something to buy, they will go with the companies they find in the results. If you’re not there, that sale is gone forever. That user many or may not come back. So make sure you’re there when that user is searching. They are potentially your customer, that customer is going to refer another customer and they have a lifetime value to your business. You will be losing out massively. If you’re not in the search results, you can’t win.

What about the, “But…”

Now that you know that Google Ads is a great place to be, a couple of notes of caution. It’s not for amateurs. Get it wrong and you will pay over 100% more than your competition for every click. That can really hurt your business. It can make it really hard to get caught up. A bad experience with Google Ads today, makes it harder to get to a level playing field tomorrow. So if you’re not fully committed to being fully immersed in Google Ads, then think carefully. You will definitely be losing out to your competition for those taking it more seriously than you are.

There are over 250 changes per year and keeping up is tough – even for professionals. If you’re not a professional and you’re running a business and have other things to do, think twice about running that campaign yourself. All it takes is one of those changes to come and affect your campaign and you may not know how or why the performance has gone downhill.

Also, 11 sneaky defaults catch 82% of advertisers off guard. These defaults can kill the performance of any Google Ads Campaign. We know this is true, because when we look at accounts we find the little default settings Google has put in Ads running. Many times an option is chosen that is optimum for Google and is not optimum for you as an advertiser. And as result of that, you will waist money. Google defaults are in Googles favor, not yours. 4 out of 5 accounts we review every day have those problems in them.

On the average our account reviews find 22% waste in spend in every campaign we see. That is an awful lot of waste. Stop the waste, that’s 22% gone forever. Book a Google Ads Audit, we will find the waste, present you with a report and you can chose to do it, or not do it. But know that the thousands of dollars going to waste everyday can be back in your pocket immediately.

Best People & Best Technology

Anyone can claim to be a “PPC Manager,” but that doesn’t mean that they have the skills or experience to deliver the very best for your campaign. All of our account managers have proven their skills long before we even consider letting them work on your account. It goes without saying that we only hire Google Ads Certified staff. That’s a given, an entry requirement. But it in the same way that a Drivers License doesn’t make you a good driver. Google Ads certification is the very least we demand. We test our staff rigorously, follow our own ever developing best practice methodology and benchmark every account against its peers. Professional Google Ads account management needs professional tools. We’ve tested 12 commercial PPC management platforms and none could meet our standards – so we built our own, and we continue to invest and develop it to give our account managers the best tools we possibly can.

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