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Aloft Search Partners

Aloft Search Partners, Inc. is an executive search firm targeting the drone industry. To draw executives into the website, I designed a high impact video header branded with the Aloft Search Partners logo. The website is complemented with parallax sliders and multicolor layering.

WordPress security is the best in the web development industry. The site is secure from hacks and malware deposits.

Aloft Search Partners website has had mobile housekeeping to show seamlessly on any device. However, the full package of mobile optimization will take place in phase two of SEO. It is best suited under this heading since Google’s Mobile Friendly website policy and SERPs must be taken into full consideration.

Key Features:

– Divi Theme
– WordPress Security
– Mobile Optimization
– Multilayered Parallax Design
– Color Layering
– High Impact Information Architecture
– Expandable Hub for Expansion Modules and SEO Siloing