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Banzai Skydiver

Banzai Skydiving is a stunt in which a skydiver throws their parachute out the plane door, waits – then jumps after the parachute to catch it and fall to safety.

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Developing Banzai Skydiver was really fun. I contacted Yasuhiro Kubo in Japan. He was incredible and gave me all the information about Banzai Skydiving I needed to write the articles.

In addition, I needed some Banzai Skydiving Photos. Joe Jennings allowed me to pick and chose photos from his website. He is a world renowned for his Skydiving Stunts and Cinematography. & Joe is one of the most incredible people on this planet and pleasure to know.

Banzai Skydiver website is quite famous in its own right and a creature all to its own.