Omni-Channel PPC Marketing revolves around your prospect and customers by displaying your ads across their entire search portfolio. For example, a doctor may visit WebMD, CNN and Business week, while a cosmetologist may visit their Gmail, Instagram and Cosmopolitan. Whatever their journey through the Internet and Search, you will be there to educate them on your business.

Omni-Channel PPC is Proven to Increase Sales by As Much As 40% While Reducing the Cost Per Lead by As Much As 89%

We Found A Lot of Business That…
• Feel The Industry is Getting More Competitive Everyday
• Are Struggling to Make Their Marketing Effective
• Are Stuck Without A Real Plan to Get More Customers
The solutions to this are remarketing Ads done right. For example, you check out a pair of Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon only to get distracted and leave. Now you see Bluetooth Speakers on the websites you visit.

80% of Sales Require 5 Follow-up Phone Calls After the Meeting

Visitor’s coming to your landing page may convert 3% to 10% on a good day. That leaves the other 90% to 97% who left the website and didn’t convert. That is also only one touch point. If the visitor came to the website from information on a business card, then that would be the 2nd touch points. That leaves 3 more touch points to go. Some experts say that 8 to 10 touch points is best for conversions. In that case, 8 to 9 more touch points are needed to make the sale.

Omni-Channel PPC Marketing is like having a virtual sales team for pennies on the dollar. Your virtual sales team will make all those additional touches for you keeping top of mind when the customer is ready to convert. It amplifies everything you do both physical and digital. If you hand a lead your card, a brochure at convention or both at a State Fair, run an ad in a local newspaper, they will come to your website and check you out. Then you have them via the Omni-Channel PPC Marketing Program for 18 months across their search portfolio.

Omni-Channel PPC Marketing Ads are the Lowest Cost – Highest Yielding Ads
Out of 28,000 businesses surveyed, almost no one is doing retargeting. 9% are doing Facebook Retargeting, 7% are doing Google and others, and only 1% of the businesses have tied enough channels together to be considered Omni-Channel PPC. Implementation of this stagey gives you a massive advantage over your competitor. At 1%, 99% of the businesses are leaving 10%, 15%, 20% or more of their sales on the table.