My name is Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. My agency provider is a Premier Google Partner; also an Accredited Professional with Bing Ads and Facebook Retargeting Experts. There is a range of PPC services which I provide at Expert Level priced based on your ad spend. The Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. Fullfillment Team currently manages $2.5 million in ad spend per month – Google Certified Individuals with years of combined experience and expertise.

My PPC services are completely unique to each company we service. I am happy to generate short phrase and long tail keywords to reduce and stabilize average click costs and create borderline keywords to increase search volume. Typically, keyword lists range from 50 – 1000’s of keywords, based on budget and requirements.

I am a great fit for this project. Having an agency run your Google Ads campaign is much more effective than just one person tweaking ads and writing them. We run 3 ads per keyword and run A/B split tests on each keyword with a full complement of experts all Google Ads Certified. In terms of cost a monthly management fee is much less expensive and more effective without the waste in ad spend.

On the average in our account audits we find up to 22% in wasted ad spend. That’s $220 per $1000 – 22% is gone forever. A bad experience early in a business makes it much harder to level the playing field in the future. You will definitely lose to your competitions who are taking it seriously.

We are a well-rounded agency experienced fully in all aspects of PPC. Absolutely expert which catch all the 250 changes a year by Google and aware of the 11 sneaky defaults which catch 82% of advertisers off guard.

I would like to discuss your needs.

Thank you so much,
Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr.

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Master of Science in Simulation Science and Statistics, California State University, Chico, California 2005

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with a Concentration in Physics, California State University, Chico, California 2001

Associates of Science in Mathematics, Yuba College, Marysville, California 2001

Associates of Arts, Yuba College, Marysville, California 1998