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No longer is running Google Ads alone a game changer for industry. In the early days of AOL and Yahoo! many marketers cut their teeth on PPC and fortunes were made. During the Big Bubble of Silicon Valley, critics said the internet was going to last about 5 years and fade off as a fad.

Well the internet has lasted more than 5 years and is an integral part of society and everything we do. However, many marketing techniques have not changed with the times or even address what people prefer when marketed too. Yes people have a preferred way to be marketed too.

Choosing the right channel to distribute your message in now insufficient to be successful in attracting new customers. Yes many marketers still sell services as SEO or Google Ads as the saving grace of advertising. And that’s simply not true anymore. Now that the cell phone and digital media are staples of home life, it’s a necessity to be visible to customers in the local market.

Moving across multiple channels and breaking silos can boost customer engagement more than 800%. These channels are not only digital, they are physical as well – both online and offline. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in partnership with Pitney Boomers found that an Omni-Channel experience was preferred across five generations in their study, i.e. (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation).

Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience whether they are online or in a brick and mortar store. That’s why Omni-Channel PPC amplifies everything you do in your efforts to connect with the local market. This puts customers in the center of your message instead of displaying ads in a channel. By turning random channel hopping into strategic omni-channel shopping, brand increase revenue 190% who sell across online marketplaces, mobile, social media, and their physical locations.

The Omn-Channel Commerce Guide states, “Omni-Channel retail doesn’t need you to be everywhere – just everywhere your customers are. It involves integrating each touchpoint to offer customers exactly what they need, when they need it, on any device.” HVAC & Plumbers publishing Google Ads with some retargeting are wasting time and money.

It’s like driving down the freeway and seeing an ad for Motel 6. Once the you have driven passed the billboard, it’s out of mind out of site. Once it gets late and your eyes are heavy, looking up at a billboard you see an ad for the Holiday Inn, guess where you are going to spend the night – yep, Motel 6’s competition. If a company does not stay in front of the customer, you are invisible when a need arises for HVAC or plumbing.